Tempe NSW, Australia                                   Phone: 0414 461 510


Founded in 1999, with the lovely Ch Teschi Pipers Tune (Leila) 

Basenjis are a unique breed, they do not bark (but are not Mute) they Yodel, cry, whine and even howl. They have almost no doggy smell, wash themselves like cats, and will sleep most of the day on the sun. They can however get bored like any dog and do need regular exercise, on lead or at a fully fenced dog park. They are good with Children and will live with cats. They are the perfect small to medium dog for city living. Puppy time is May-June which is the best time to meet the parents and see if this breed is for you.


Next Litter in 2016

Dam: CH Bayenzi Eloise at the Plaza (LuLu)  Sire: TBC

Lulu usually in Season in early March & Her Pups due Mid May 2016 

In 2014 Lulu had 5 Tri colour pups - 3 Girls  and 2 Boys  

Carmencita (CeeCee) and her Sister Holly Golightly (Audrey) are Showdogs

Bayenzi Frankie and Johny (Frankie) lives in Milton, Ghostface (Ghost)  lives in SA and Grandmaster Flash (Flash) lives in Curl Curl - all great homes, happy dogs.


In Lulu's 1st litter we were blessed with really lovely temperaments, calm mum, calm pups.